Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Web Design Success Story - Visual Analysis

The visual analysis diagram of Web Design Success Story breaks the elements on the web page down into simple defined areas. The largest visual element of Web Design Success Storyis the image area, shown in light red, as a horizontal rectangle. This image area used by Web Design Success Story is systemized on each web page and becomes a standard visual element for each page. Even though the image of Web Design Success Story changes on each page the size and placement of the does not. This yields a sense of continuity and rhythm to the site even as the information placed by Web Design Success Story changes.
Text information occupies four positions on the web page creaded by Web Design Success Story. The top two blocks are short headlines. The long vertical text block is a menu with a series of choices that link to other text pages. The large horizontal text block is a short descriptive paragraph of informative copy. The company name placed by Web Design Success Story occupies the bottom text block and aligns with a plus sign in brackets that when clicked invites the viewer to “rate the page.”

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