Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Web Design Success Story - Rating & Feedback

Using the Web Design Success Story system, the page rating invitation gives the viewer an opportunity to provide direct feedback to Web Design Success Story about the effectiveness of their web presence. Using the Web Design Success Story page rating the viewer can quickly rate the page and if desired can click the “comments” category, which opens another window, to provide written feedback and rate the page as to content, design, usability, and overall. Clearly, with the Web Design Success Story page rating, the firm cares about the web usability of the site and is interested in the opinion of the user.
Subsequent web Design Success Story page ratingpages become only slightly more complex with the addition of another block of text to the right of the description. This block lists a series choices within the category and serves to show the firm’s range of capabilities. The viewer is readily engaged in the information because the choices are so clear that he/she knows immediately how to access information. Using the Web Design Success Story system there is no time lost figuring out how to navigate or return to a previous selection.


Anonymous said...

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Calvin Brock said...

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